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Total pier length: 4500 meters
Depth: 6-9 meters


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General information

Egersund harbour has good space with a total length of about 4500 meters, and the depth is from six to nine meters. This also includes three Ro-Ro docks. Unique about the port is that it does not have a tidal difference and that it is free from ice all year round. The entry distance from the sea to the port is short and we also have a sheltered anchorage. Egersund has good road and rail connections and is strategically well located.

Larger vessels must use Søragapet, or the southern entry to the port of Egersund.

The depth conditions at the entrance are very good, as the minimum depth before arriving to the port is 12.5 m in the sound between Fuglodden and Sprengs-/Synnavikodden, width 109 meters.

There are the following speed limitations at the port of Egersund:

  • Slow speed between Viberodden and Sprengsodden,
  • Maximum 5 knots between Sprengsodden and Eigerøyincluding Vågen.
  • Egersund harbour pool extends from Eigerøy bridge in the northern part to Fuglodden in the southern part.

The undergoing depth is 10 – 12 meters. Egersund harbour is very sheltered regardless of wind direction, and therefore there is no need for additional mooring equipment for vessels arriving to most of the docks in the harbour.