Eigersund Harbour


Unloading at Egersund harbour 

Egersund harbour has ample space with a total length of about 4500 meters, and the depth is from six to nine meters. This also includes three Ro-Ro docks. Unique about the port is that it does not have a tidal difference and that it is free from ice all year round. The entry distance from the sea to the port is short and we also have a sheltered anchorage. Egersund has good road and rail connections and is strategically well located.


Reference: sea map 467.

The main entrance is from the southern side (Søragapet), where the width of the fjord is 230 – 110 meters. The current may occasionally set strongly along the sound. There is no tidal difference in the port.

Harbor pilot

You can order a pilot boat at Skagerak pilot crew, with 24-hour notice. The meeting place is N 58 deg. 23 min. E 006 deg. 00 min.

Tel: + 47 07 847
Fax: + 47 35 57 26 01


There is one tugboat, with a BP of 7 tons. Can be contacted by phone +47 41 57 53 19 or +47 51 49 25 26.

Waste management from ships

In accordance with the Pollution Control Regulations, Eigersund Havnevesen has established a reception system for waste and cargo residues from ships.

Eigersund Havnevesen can arrange contact with a company that receives oil waste, cargo residues and sewage from ships. In order for these waste fragments to be received, the vessel must have complied with the reporting obligation described in section 7. The fees for oil waste, cargo residues and sewage are calculated in each case on the basis of the type and quantity delivered and delivery time. The fee is charged by the waste company.

Garbage can be delivered to 3 waste containers, which are located in the port. Hazardous waste can only be delivered to special reception stations.

Fee for waste is to be paid by all vessels docking at public quays, regardless of whether waste is delivered from the ship to the waste disposal. Recreational boats that do not pay harbor fees are excluded from the scheme and are not obliged to pay the fee. Fee for garbage is calculated on the basis of the number of persons the ship is allowed to transport (crew members plus passengers) or on the basis of the gross tonnage of the ship.

The filled form above can be sent as attachment to post[at] egersund.havn.no. It can also by sent by fax to +47 51 46 32 81.

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