Foto av Eigerøy fyr

Countless possibilities for outdoor activities at Eigerøy


The coastal landscape of Eigerøy and hiking possibilities along the idyllic northern and southern sound are highly recommended. Here you will find exciting open-air areas suitable for various activities like fishing, swimming, camping and much more. The largest bathing area in the municipality is Skadbergsand with over 500 meters of sandy beach and low dunes. The area is equipped for ball games, children’s games and picnics – perfect for the whole family!

Egersund is also famous for its unique stone anorthosite. Large fields of this kind of stone are found only here, in Canada and on the moon! Take a trip to Eigerøy Lighthouse and get to know the special history behind the so called moon rock – a perfect evening trip to watch the sun go down into the ocean. The tour is suitable for all age groups. Feel free to take a guided tour with Magma geopark and you will get to visit the very tower of the lighthouse!

Other places of interest:

  • Auglend and Vandringhavn
  • Ytstebrød
  • If you come by boat, it is definitely worth visiting Skarvøya and Vibberodden lighthouse
  • Join a guided fishing trip out to the sea

Photo: Eigerøy lighthouse © Johan Aakre